Spring trends that never go out of fashion

Spring trends that never go out of fashion

Author: Daria Andronescu, personal shopper at Personal Shopping &Travel.

Spring is the best time of the year to show your styling talents. It’s safe to wear crop tops with no fear of freezing, play with layering, change your boots for super trendy loafers… But if you haven’t yet had time to get acquainted with the spring trends, I’d like to show you some trends that never go out of fashion.


The trenchcoat has already become a classic basic wardrobe item. The beauty of this coat is on its versatility. A trench coat can be worn with everything you like: a suit, jeans, dresses, heels or sneakers. If you want it to serve you for many years, better to choose the classic Burberry cut and give preference to beige color. The ideal length is slightly below the knee.


весенние тенденции


White T-shirt

What could be better than a white t-shirt? Only the white shirt! These things never go out of style because they turned into a cult. Choose a thin cotton T-shirt with a high round neckline and wear it tucked into jeans, pants, or wear them just under a slip dress. A white long sleeved shirt with a straight (male) cut can be worn with jeans and white sneakers or beige cotton trousers and leopard pumps.

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Silk scarf

Perhaps spring is the time when you may and should experiment with a silk scarf. It’s always fashionable to tightly wrap it around the neck, almost giving the shape of a choker. The outfit becomes elegant and complete. By the way, you don’t have to wear your silk scarf only around the neck. You can also use it as a belt, bracelet, or just tie it to your purse.



Miniature bag

The popularity of miniature bags in spring is fully justified. Since we get to walk and travel more this time of the year, we need a compact and lightweight version of the bag. Remember that your bag isn’t required to match the color of the shoes; the color of your bag should go well and harmoniously with the overall ensemble. So before you go for shopping, take a look at your wardrobe and think carefully what color might fit nice with all your spring outfits.



Bright jacket

Finding a well fitted blazer isn’t an easy task. Especially if you have a full chest and barely accentuated waistline. But believe me, the game is worth the effort. A jacket can make you visually slimmer and add structure to your silhouette. The slightly fitted jacket cut will look fashionable paired with jeans and white sneakers or more elegant worn with straight trousers and matching high heels.

the cut


Pastel colors

In spring we tend to choose pastel colors, which actually  never go out of fashion. Peppermint, baby blue, powdery pink, sage … The choice is so great that everyone can find that perfect tone that will give your look a sense of freshness and lightness.




Each season fashion designers include in their collection denim items, because obviously it sells very well. Therefore, today we have just a huge selection of totally different styles, ranging from denim sundresses and ending with the coolest denim kimono.




The most obvious trend that shouldn’t be ignored. In early spring you can wear wide-brimmed hats paired with a coat, jacket or just a sweater. And the closer you get to summer, the better to choose something more light and easier to pull off.



Shirt with stripes

I just love this look of a blue shirt with white stripes, tucked into jeans. It always looks interesting, cool and businesslike. Don’t forget that the stripes can be easily combined with other prints, for example, with a floral pattern, leopard or peas.


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Spring always inspires designers to create romantic, airy collections. Year after year we see on the catwalks different variations of frills, flowers, ruches, bows, the prevalence of lightweight and transparent materials. If you buy something cute and flirty, you can be sure that you look up-to-date and, well, stunning.



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