Personal Shopper

Daria Andronescu

Certified image consultant by Milan’s prestigious Up-to-Date Fashion Academy, international personal shopper, fashion correspondent and the founder of Personal Shopping & Travel.

She travels Europe’s top fashion destination with clients from all over the world to choose for them stylish and interchangeable outfits. When not traveling, Daria writes for Cosmopolitan magazine and her own fashion blog documenting the latest emerging trends in order to keep you up to date with the best that fashion has to offer.


  • "I want to express my deepest gratitude to Daria, for the fact that she has helped in an incredibly important day for us – our wedding day – to make us look our best! Well chosen clothes, shoes and accessories – this is what she really knows and her professionalism was clear to all! Thank you very much, with your help on our wedding day, we looked perfect!"
    Ksenia, Personal Shopping in MoscowWedding styling
  • Recently, for the first time in my life, I tried personal shopping. It took me a long time to choose a stylist, and in the end, the choice fell on Daria. Frankly, I was completely shocked with the success of the event. Daria is a true professional. She has knowledge of stores, high-quality selection of clothing, good taste and intuition of what the client should look like! Everything was easy, clear, incredibly fast. Thank you, Daria! Now, I’m your regular customer.
    Michael, Personal Shopping in Moscow
  • “I’ve found out about Daria from my close friends who have been shopping with her for several years. I always liked how they both dressed so I’ve decided to give it a try. To start with, Daria did a wardrobe analysis and for the first time I realised why my wardrobe didn’t work. Then, we went together to Milan for a two day shopping session. I had been a couple of times in Milan before, and shopping over there wasn’t exciting for me anymore. But Daria showed me some new stores and clothing brands which previously I hadn't heard about. It was a real pleasure to shop with her; she is nice, funny and a caring person. In two days of shopping I’ve bought an amazing and super stylish new wardrobe for the spring-summer season. Thank you so much Daria! And see you next time!”
    Maria, Personal Shopping in Milan
  • “I have been choosing a shopper long and carefully, but from a dozen variants I’ve stopped at Daria. The shopping process was very clear and fast. Had I done it myself I would have spent 10x more time on that! As a result, each purchased item was a one hundred percent hit, I am very satisfied. I will be shopping with Daria again and again. She is attentive, sensitive and an efficient professional. Definitely recommend!”
    Dmitriy, Personal Shopping in Moscow
  • “Thank you for your help in organizing my existing wardrobe and buying new sets of clothes. I got rid of unnecessary things that were just creating the appearance of having a full wardrobe, when in fact I had nothing to wear. Following the results of a shopping trip in your company, I have now nice, comfortable and different clothes. I would like to note your accuracy and unobtrusiveness, and the fact that you take into consideration my opinion and taste and don’t impose your own unless I’m way off. You're just great! Thank you for your professionalism!”
    Alina, Wardrobe Analysis, Personal Shopping in Moscow
  • “I have been working with Daria for 3 years, and I’ve always been very happy with the results! Thank you for your sensitive attitude to my appearance. We went shopping in Moscow, and Milan, and now Dusseldorf. Lovely city, great and very productive shopping. For those of you who do not like Milan or Moscow’s vanity, try Dusseldorf. I think you will enjoy it".
    Marina, Personal Shopping in Moscow, Milan, Düsseldorf

Daria is answering the most popular questions about personal shopping.

What kind of result can I expect?

The result varies from person to person. Some want to change their look completely, some just want a fresh approach to their style and some just want to keep their style, but change their over dated wardrobe. All that I can and want to tell you is this: “Just try it.” I have yet to meet a client that regretted the result. You won’t regret it either for numerous reasons. The most common results are new clothes, a new image, an increased self-esteem, an over all good mood, and possible changes for the better in your personal and professional live. If you think it’s time to do something for yourself, just try it. I’m sure you will enjoy it too.


I do not believe in stylist as a profession. Isn’t everyone able to go and buy clothes for themselves?

There are major differences between buying clothes for yourself and shopping with a stylist. Now, a lot of people call themselves a stylist without having sufficient professional knowledge and experience. My experience comes from the prestigious Fashion Up-to-Date Academy and my teacher, Gracia Delongi – an image consultant with 25 years experience. I got the chance to work with her and see these differences for myself over the course of my internship. And I worked hard at it, enjoying every moment. Put simply, the work of a stylist or image-maker includes more than just the selection of clothes, but also paying attention to the customer’s personality. Clothes should express your essence, be comfortable and be in harmony with your inner world. So, I’m not just going to just go shopping with you and tell you what clothes suits you best, but I will carefully examine your physical appearance, mimics, temperament, lifestyle and after this I will select outfits, that fit you perfectly. Everyone can buy clothes for themselves, but not many know precisely what fit their whole character, body type or style.


I’ve heard that shopping with a stylist can be very time consuming. Is it true?

I also have very little free time. But then I realize that the alternative of going shopping in crowded shops just to buy 2-3 things every 2 weeks takes much more time than just spending one day in six months to own a beautiful full wardrobe. But I understand you are busy and shopping feels like a time consuming task.
That’s why I’m:
– flexible with time and I’m ready to work with you on weekdays, weekends and holidays from 10 to 22 in Milan, Paris, Berlin and Dusseldorf,
– I will always make the shopping experience very quick and comfortable.


How many shy clients do you have? I’m a bit concerned that I’m too shy now for this.

We’re all shy to some extent when it comes to our looks. All of my clients started out shy, but now they’re very confident. You have to see it a journey to a new and improved you. And as every journey starts with the first step, let me tell you this: you already took the first step – you’re here, reading this. You’re on this website because you feel you need a change. And the sooner we start working on your look, the faster you will get a stylish new image and will feel more comfortable.


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