The cold shower you need before you enjoy sales season

The cold shower you need before you enjoy sales season.

Text: Daria Andronescu, personal shopper, Personal Shopping & Travel.

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like to discover an amazing garment that currently is on sale with a price that feels like a bargain. Of course you’ll feel proud leaving the store with a cashmere sweater from Ralph Lauren that costs you less than the cotton one they sell at GAP. The problem with shopping during sales season usually arises when we forget to take into account such important nuances, such as: is this the right size for me, right colour, what will I be wearing this item with.

Imagine that you’ve seen an incredible sundress from Dolce & Gabbana – and you always liked Dolce & Gabbana, but you could never afford to buy anything there – which is now on sale with 70% discount. 70% – just a godsend and you have to get it, right? Perhaps, but not necessarily.

If you went shopping on a tight budget trying to find a new outfit for office, the sundress isn’t what you need at the moment. So you should just pass it by and keep walking. If you have found that office look and you’ve got enough money left you should go back to that sundresses and at least try it on. But what if you are not crazy about the color? Don’t buy it.

What if it wrinkles a little here and there? And believe me, if you have noticed that, everyone will. Don’t buy it. If it looks too fancy and you won’t know when to wear it? Don’t buy it.

Never buy anything that fits you wrong or if you don’t ‘feel it’ or you wouldn’t want to wear it over and over again. Even if it’s your favorite Dolce & Gabbana or some other ideal or popular brand. Don’t buy it if you don’t truly love it.

Another big problem with sales is that so many people buy the wrong size of clothes. And that happens when the salesperson says “this is the last available size on discount.” How do you proceed? Especially if this is the exact top you have always dreamed of. And then you start thinking… what if I lose weight or gain some or give yourself yet another unrealistic promise, it will definitely look ok then. Ok is if you are very lucky (or well-organized), most likely it will just look like it is: too small, too tight or too big and out of shape. If you are in love with it and you don’t care, the least you can do is to understand whether it can be somehow fixed and turned into an ideal piece worth spending your energy and money on. Keep in mind that many stores nowadays offer free tailoring service. So don’t be shy and be sure to ask the consultant to call for the tailor. Explain and demonstrate to the tailor what you would like to change and only then hear our what he can actually fix. If the alteration is impossible – don’t buy it.

Don’t buy dirty or damaged things, even if the price is insanely good. It’s not a fashion bargain, it is a waste of money. Before you buy anything be sure to inspect all items for any defects. It only takes a couple of minutes, but then you will be confident that you made the right decision.

Sale season is the perfect time to update your basic things – the ones you wear most often. It  is not worth buying trendy hits (because the season is actually ending, what’s the point?). It’s better to buy something more practical: jeans, T-shirts, cashmere, trench coat, leather jacket, coats, etc. And all these things should fit you perfectly, be comfortable and stay in balance with the other stuff you’ve got at home. And the most important thing: it should make you look even more beautiful. Because that’s the point, isn’t?


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