All you need to know about tights.

All you need to know about tights.


Sand colored tights can be worn during spring, summer and early fall. Choose your density according to the weather conditions and your personal preferences. My choice is the classic matte 15-20 DEN which is more than enough density to hide some small bruises, veins, etc. Sand colored tights that are over 40 DEN are too dense and can make even the most stylish outfit look cheap.

For those who hate tights (I am with you here) there is a great alternative for the warm season and it’s a special cream colour from Benefit that will give your legs a beautiful and sexy glow.

Black tights should be worn during the cold season. A few years ago there was a thick-black-tights boom, but that’s in the past. Today you can follow these simple rules when choosing the density of black tights:

If you are wearing pumps or ballet shoes – tights should not be thicker than 20-40 DEN. If you are wearing any kinds of boots choose thicker tights like 45-100 DEN.

You can also understand what tights to choose just by identifying the thickness of your dress. If you have, for example, a knitted dress then it is better to choose thick tights. If the skirt is made out of thin fabric – for example – chiffon, then your tights must also be quite thin. Hopefully, the logic here is clear.

Grey tights can be worn if they have a beautiful dark and deep color and they’re not thinner than 50 DEN. These tights are only suitable for casual outfits and look best paired with knitted pieces of the same undertone.

Blue tights – the same story as with the grey ones – if they have a beautiful dark and deep color and they’re not thinner than 50 DEN. Pair your dark blue (navy) tights with a dark blue skirt/dress, complementing the image with a pair of black boots.

Additional rules:

  1. Don’t wear tights with open-toed shoes.
  2. Better to be without tights at all, rather than wearing torn ones.
  3. To not wear tights (except corporate business dress code) is an absolutely normal situation until the moment when it’s less than 10C outside.
  4. Lace, embellished, floral etc. tights look cheap and make your legs look like two weird sausages.
  5. No need to replace your tights with leggings. Please, wear your leggings at the gym only.

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